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Attendance Policy


Logan County Schools Attendance Department

Attendance Slogan


Cathy Adkins, Director of Attendance and Homeless Liaison

Office: 304-792-2043  Fax: 304-792-2027

September is Student Attendance Awareness Month.  Please join our campaign to promote good attendance throughout Logan County Schools.  Remember:  Every Student, Every Day!

Logan County recognizes the importance of attendance in a student's achievement. The district strives to assist students to take responsibility for their own attendance and believes constant awareness through self-discipline and responsibility will increase daily attendance and improve academic progress.

The attendance office for Logan County Schools handles many aspects of student attendance and enrollment for students including:


Logan County Schools maintains the following Attendance Policy Guidelines:

  1. Students are allowed 10 unexcused absences all school year.
  2. Students are allowed 5 parent notes for the school year.
  3. All excuses for the absences must be presented to the school by 10 school days following the absence.
  4. Any parent note after the 5 parent note limit has been reached will be considered unexcused.
  5. Students are permitted unlimited doctor's excuses throughout the school year.
  6. All missed work during an absence is the responsibility of the student.
  7. Students must follow county tardy and early release procedures.
  8. Students driver's permits or license will be revoked upon 15 unexcused absences, failure to maintain adequate grades/credits, or behavior issues.
  9. Revoked license will be reinstated following one semester after the revocation if the student has demonstrated good attendance, behavior, and grades/credits.   A $50 fine must be paid to DMV in Charleston, WV.


Elementary Tardy Procedure

Middle School Tardy Procedure High School Tardy Procedure